Ugly construction or shipping container majesty? has an interesting report on the beauty (or not) of shipping container structures – its a good piece that looks at the external appearance of shipping container homes and how well they fit in with the rest of the neighbourhood – the piece centres on a new construction from 12 containers its a huge project and the article is a great read for that alone – but it sparks a good debate about container home aesthetics :


Surrounded by single-story houses on small lots, Fox’s house, which is surrounded by a royal-blue fence made of container box walls, pretty much towers over the neighborhood. This doesn’t sit well with some in the Porters community.

Janie Williams, a former president of the Porters neighborhood association, calls it an “eyesore.”


Container homes can often vary wildly in appearance depending on what’s been done to the externals as part of the construction -

When you look at the picture of the construction site – it does make you wonder how it’ll blend with the rest of the properties on the street!!

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