Tide house – shipping container home example

http://www.ecofriend.com/tide-house.html has a great article on architects Miguel Angel Mota and Fabrice Villaume latest project an eco-friendly shipping container home.

The house is build out of two recycled shipping containers and great emphasis is placed on the environmentally friendly design and textures. The original model has been modified as per the need of customers and most of the material used is recycled creating a unique and stylish example of eco tech house for Europe. The walls of the house are coated with the white polished concrete resulting in very interesting texture and medium of reflecting incident light.

It’s another great example of what can be achieved with home building and design utilizing shipping containers as a base – dont expect cutting edge interiors that’s not really the point of this project. But what it does is show those interested in home container projects what can be achieved with a little effort and planning.

Visit http://www.ecofriend.com/tide-house.html# for the full photo spread.

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