Art exhibition housed in shipping containers¬†report from Australia’s gold coast that the recent Surfing the Fringe festival was recently graced by the appearance of a ‘pop up’ art gallery housed in shipping containers. ¬†Used as a temporary structure the shipping containers were used to show the art off to upto 10,000 visitors -


The Surfing the Fringe festival opened to clear blue skies over the weekend, with the inaugural Gold Coast surf culture celebration drawing over 10,000 spectators to a variety of art exhibitions housed in shipping containers strategically placed along the coastline,

On Thursday Pop Up Bleach* galleries housed in shipping containers laid on prominent beach foreshores will re-open. These temporary galleries feature for the duration of the festival from Thursday to Friday 4pm – 8pm and Saturday to Sunday, 3- 8pm, and house the works of surf-inspired visual artists Jae Copp, Potts and Josh Rufford as well as a range of experimental photographers and filmmakers, including legendary lens men Dick Hoole and Albe Falzon right through to young progressive photographers like Trent Mitchell and Nick Lawrence to name but few.

Shipping containers are being used more and more as temporary structures for events like these – clearly they offer a robust and quick to deploy solution that appeal to events organisers that want something sturdy enough without breaking the bank.

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