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Christchurch recover from earthquake using shipping containers

Christchurch recover from earthquake using shipping containers

Over at they have an excellent article on how in Christchurch, NZ they are recovering from recent earthquake by utilizing shipping container’s to rapidly recover damaged buildings providing store owners a chance to commence trading again much earlier that they would’ve been given standard build times of brick and motar properties

From the article

The mall, just two blocks from Cathedral Square, now has 27 businesses – including two cafes, a department store and a lingerie shop – built almost entirely out of cargo shipping containers. While the pop-up design has been used elsewhere as a gimmick, in Christchurch it meant that storeowners – and residents – could resume business in weeks instead of the months it would take to rebuild with standard construction methods.

Head over to (follow the link above) to read the whole piece – you can’t help but be inspired by what’s being done here.




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